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Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 11:30 pm (no subject)
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Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 12:47 am (no subject)
amber dyed my hair last night. its reddish black. i like it. i wanna get either blond chunks in it or light red highlights. but CVS was too much money.

its friday, the first friday i dind' thave to work in a long long long time. i duno what i shall do yet. hopefully something fun.

failed my italian test today. ehh. im so sick of school cant wait for it to be done.

i feel empty.

my speakers dont work
i cant find my ipod

all i hear is dead silence. i hate it
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Mar. 30th, 2005 @ 02:36 am invoke the light to, shelter you its like.. everybody wants a ...peace of you. yeah yeah oh-oh oh-oh
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Lost in a Crowd- Rusted Root
It is beautiful out today-

class was entertaining, meh. went out for a while and sat on the grass infront of my dorm. i listened to a digital ash in a digital urn since i am obsessed with Arc of Time. I cant wait to go to bright eyes, so excited. anyway i started writing... good writing not live journal shit writing. i had my bali hais to one side, my ipod and cellphone on the other and my notebook in my lap. it was just so nice. then some kids started playing football behind me... and then gradually 5 throw-catch baseball games started appearing infront of me. it sucked to get out of.

i went to lunch with gregg. i was in a weird mood as always. started making things with my food. eh. it was a good time. too bad greggs not living on campus next year, but he said he'll be around.

today im going out with jess and al to the umbrella factory. i need to go home first and get that mini buddah for andis as well as my present from adele, money, and some blank cds.

ehh i hate ashlee simpson. shes annoying. jess is watching it, we cant go out until its over. haha

i just saw a commercial on MTV that featured goodnight, goodnight from hot hot heat. i dont think i like that. ehh.

tonight might be going to fetish night!?: hahaha i duno . maybe.

rusted root is tonight, im so jealous i wish i could go. that would be one awesome show.

yesterday, lost in a crowd
yesterday lost in a crowd
i was lost
now im found.
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Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 06:44 pm they dont love you like i love you
Current Mood: crankycranky
Current Music: Maps- yeah yeah yeahs
stolen from Caitttttt

I have kissed someone...

+ on the cheek.
+ on the lips.
+ on their hands or fingers.
+ in my room.
+ in their room.
+ of the same sex
+ of the opposite sex.
+ younger than me.
+ older than me.
+ with jet black hair.
+ with curly hair.
--with blonde hair & blue eyes.
--with flaming red hair.
+ with straight hair.
+ smaller/shorter than me.
+ bigger/taller than me.
--with a lip ring.
+ who was drunk.
--who was high.
--who I had just met.
--who was homosexual.
+ who I didn't really want to kiss.
+ on a holiday.
--who was going out with someone close to me.
--who was my good friend's brother or sister.
--who had been/is in jail.
--in a graveyard.
+ at a show/concert.
+ at the beach.
+ in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water.
+ who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with. (i was 18. he was 17...who cares)
--with dyed hair.
--with a shaved head.
--who was/is my good friend.
+ who was/is in a band.
+ who has tattoos.
--who is of a completely different race than me.
+ in the rain.
--on another continent besides where I was born.
--with an accent.
--with an std.
-- on a boat.
+ in a car/taxi/bus.
--on a plane.
--at the circus/carnival.
--with a missing body part.
+ in the movie theater
+ eskimo style.

so im pretty bored. worked friday and saturday, went out with adele and nicole last night which was really nice. i love those girls. we went to walmart target newburys and the mall. earlier i went to sophies with cait eric and gregg adn then we went to the umbrella fact. it was a good time. i got more earings and a necklace. i like them.

today is easter. it kinda is boring. my sister made us all breakfast, apple crepes. they were funny. then we went to my cousins on one side of the family then my aunts on the other side. im doing my laundry now then back to school.

I wanna go to the bamboozle.

curse you andy for getting the yeah yeah yeahs in my head for 3 days straight.
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Mar. 18th, 2005 @ 11:19 pm BORED
Current Mood: kill me.
Current Music: Talk Radio- thetrackrecord
1. Your Porn Star Name (name of first pet + street you live on):
Rosie Tripps Corner

2. Your Movie Star Name (grandmother/granpa's first name + favorite snack):
Elenor pickles

3. Your Fashion Designer Name (first word you see on your left + favorite restaurant):
Spinning Panera

4. Your Foreign Name (favorite spice girl + last foreign vacation spot):
Posh Orlando

5. Your Socialite Name (silliest childhood nickname + first town where you partied):
Pinky W.G

6. Fly Girl/Guy Name (first initial + first four letters of your last name):

7. Your Detective Name (favorite animal + high school team name):
Wallabee Knights

8. Frat Boy Name (last snack you ate + favorite alcoholic drink):
Andees Mints Malibu Mango (sounds like a gay frat boy to me.)

9. Soap Opera Name (middle name + street where you first lived):
Elizabeth Burbank

10. Your Rock Star Name (favorite candy + favorite musician's last name):
Pixie Stix Oberst

11. Your "Popular" Name (favorite celebrity's first name + best friend's street name):
Sarah South

12. Your Opposite Sex Name (name of opposite sex friend + name of cell phone company you use):
Eric Cingular
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Mar. 15th, 2005 @ 12:09 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: annoyedsorry.
Current Music: Bright Eyes- a Perfect Sonnet
This vacation has been pretty rad. friday night i hung out with nicole. we went to walmart for 2 hours haha and then went back to my house where we watched a spanish soap opera and dubbed it in english. it was awesome.

saturday i went out with adele on a search for luggage for her trip to ireland. we found a green suitcase and named it myron. we went back to my house up in my room and decided to paint myron. nicole came. he has lots of polkadots and he his neon orange with a purple foot. the poem on the back was "dinaryon myron was a suitcase dinasaur, dinaryon myron had a purple foot that was sore. he tried to fix it with bubblegum flavored bubble gum. it was pink" we figure itd be the best way to find her suitcase when she gets off the plane.

Sunday was my nanny lisi shopping day. we met at the mall, me all nanny andy and jenny. good stuff. i got my bathingsuit top thing, a blue halter and some body butter. it was excitement. i got home and then fixed the suitcase so adele could pick it up. later ryan came over and we watched to contender. it was cool hanging out with him.

yesterday was his birthday. i called when i was at school and played a bit of bright eyes on his phone "if its your birthday we'll bake a blue cake and eat it off these blue plates" but it prob came out static-y. anyway i went out to meet my sister for some delicious felicias coffee. i waited for nicole to get out of work and then i picked her up and we went to target for an hour haha. then we went to smithfield to visit john. we didn't even get lost! its not that hard to find... but still. they were doing construction on 295 and we were dead stopped for 15-20 minutes. i cant even tell you how many disney songs we sang. anyway we got there and took him to wendys cuz we wanted frosties. there we had a dance party in my car in the parking lot. awesome times.

Today! im supposed to go to PC w/ nicole and visit neha. i hope eric is there too, i haven't even talked to him about it yet. and i want gregg to come! damn it!

i know this sounds stupid and overused...but dont use a fucking lable to define yourself. you know who you are... you should. enough to not have to keep telling everyone if your "punk" or "indie" or "emo" or "ghetto" "hardcore" "hippie" or whatever... and dont tell me who i am. i know i sound like a hypocrit saying i want an emo guy... but it just annoys the fuck out of me when people are like "im ________ because i wear blah blah blah" shut the fuck up.
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Mar. 8th, 2005 @ 07:04 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Hold Me Down Avedaaaaaa
My yesterday was pretty damn awesome...

after classes i showered and watched my friends dance DVD. the little kids in it were SOOO cute! i remember taking tap and jazz when i was like 4. aww

then my sister came to visit me which was awesome. i love beth. she spent a half hour with me in the girls bathroom as a straightened my hair. then i grabbed my make up bag and met ali at the car....

she was so stressed out i felt bad. she did a kick ass job driving though :)I did ali and shawna's eye liner haha. funnn times. we parked at north eastern and met phil who walked us through "rape park" (eeeeek) and brought us to axis. we got there at like 6:25ish... the tickets said 7:00 so i figured thats when the doors opened but it was a lie. so we went in and at 6:30 Information played. they sucked. the girl on keyboards was pretty kick ass tho, as well as the short guitar player that ali loved. then louis XIV went on. i heard one of there songs before, some hey chocolate girl song. i thought it sucked. anyway we decided to go down in the crowd during Louis XIV set so we could be there for HHH and uhh, they just sucked soo much. i wish they were better, but lines like "you like my body when im fucking you, you like my body when im stabbing you" and "milkshake malkshake gonna make you wet" or something...oh it was awful.

after they played we started advancing. we were pretty damn close, right behind all the spazzy people. no moshing. it was weird. but oh the spazzes make up for it. There was spirit fingers girl who was alllllll over the place wither her jazz hands in the air... and rainman boy. this kid was crazy gay and did this liek trickling water thing with his hands. he kept elbowing ali in the boob... so i stepped up and pushed him with my elbows and then he went away haha. but then spazzz spirit hands girl moved near shawna haha!

Hot Hot Heat kicked ass. i saw them before with one of the free BRU shows... but they were SOO SOO much better at axis. they even played le le le le le low which is my favorite song by them! no hold me down aveda :( but thats ok. there new stuff sounds pretty good. im stoked. of course they played bandages. ali shawna and i bounced. haha it was alot of fun.

we then left and met up with phil and his friend. we went out to dinner at uno's or something and then went back through rape park to get to the garage. i got home before 1 and im still SOOO tired.

i skipped math today again. oops

i hate this week, its soooo shitty with midterms.
hopefully seeing kerri tomorrow!
thatd be awesome
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Mar. 6th, 2005 @ 08:56 pm Rug Burn
Current Mood: cheerfulw00t
Current Music: Hold Me Down Aveda- Hot Hot Heat
This was one of the most awesome weekends here...

Friday night hung out with ryan. it was awesome. we wrestled. i got rug burn.

Saturday i went home early... and then slept till 1:30. i had to go to work at 2. i dind't feel very good. i was all cold but my cheeks were burning up. i had some crazy customers. one lady freaked out about her soup, saying it was our fault that we went and rearranged all of the cans to cause her embarrassment at the register. what a dumb ass. another lady bought like 30 boxes of brownie mix, because they were buy one get one. and then i had these two older guys come... and they were buying dog food... and then they realized they dind't have a dog. and then they decided to get a dog. so they were asking us where they had dogs for sale cuz they wanted to buy one right then. weird. i ended up working till close, i had to help steve pull dairy. i hate dairy. i saw actual lard. it was disgusting. then i went to seths house and watched "the professional" it was good. good times.

this morning i woke up at 1 somethingish started talking to some friends and then get a call from fucking kerri smith! apparently she had been knocking at my door but i seriously dind't here her. so anyway she came in, it was soo cool i was so happy! shes still sooo sooo tiny. we decided to go visit adele at agway so we went to sophies first and then to agway. i wont work there! damnit! then i brought kerri back to her car. i hope i can go see her at her house this week. me and adele went out to walmart and got some hair dye... burgandy. its like purpleyish. and hten we went back to her house and i dyed her hair. it was fun. then she brought me back to school.

i dont even want to do homework yet. i cant wait for break.


thank you nicole for sending me our conversation.

RustySpoons324 (12:26:21 AM): go
RustySpoons324 (12:26:22 AM): d
RustySpoons324 (12:26:24 AM): you're my god
Nicole (12:26:31 AM): okay im gonna go watch a movie now hun
RustySpoons324 (12:26:31 AM): haleighluia!!
Nicole (12:26:32 AM): i love you
RustySpoons324 (12:26:33 AM): fine
RustySpoons324 (12:26:34 AM): leave
RustySpoons324 (12:26:36 AM): bye!!!!a'sldk!
Nicole (12:26:39 AM): i love u
Nicole (12:26:42 AM): HAVE FUN
RustySpoons324 (12:26:44 AM): i love you too
RustySpoons324 (12:26:47 AM): i will
RustySpoons324 (12:26:48 AM): hardcoarae
RustySpoons324 (12:26:50 AM): heheheehehehehhe
RustySpoons324 (12:26:51 AM): u too
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Mar. 4th, 2005 @ 12:11 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: dirty yuck
Current Music: Garden Grove - sublime
Flashback : what i got, sublime.

3 summers ago maybe... going to some arcadey place in newport, all of us in the pichettes van. there was a lot of traffic.. what i got came on the radio and i was so happy. mrs pichette was eating a peach or some..fruit ... and she just left us out in the road. and we ran across the street. it crazy fun.

so weird how like songs, smells, places and bring you back to memories. EW sounds like ms olivera. she hated me.

My italian exam today sucked. i also missed two classes. this is bad.

I need to shower soon, i feel gross.

Today im going to the mall with ali, hopefully adele will come too. then maybe hanging out with flanagan.

I love sublime.
I love lamp

my shirt broke last night... so now its andys... he should make it into a pillow. its green and floral. haha

Paper dolls were a success. Gregg's is the only one that looks...kinda weird but thats ok, its better that way.

all done
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Mar. 3rd, 2005 @ 01:30 am you want to have your way with me.
Current Mood: morosemorose
Current Music: Burn- Rancid
Its thursdayish-

I went to class this morning and then to sophies with ali and shawnana. they crushed my candy bar coffee and made it like a shake, it was soo good! obviously we had to go jewelry shopping at umbrella factory.

I bought 2 pair of crazy fun earings, and this crazy man thing that u put in ur hair. uhh it kicks ass. AND THEN i got this.. paper doll fairy tale set.. and made everyone im friends with here into a kick ass paper doll. i'm going to make them magnets and put them on the fridge.

Chris' friend wants me to get drunk at assumption
i dont htink i will.
that's weird.

he also told me im not a woman because i dont have the ovaries to be a woman.

I miss nicole. i hope she comes home soon :)

I went to show mal my paper doll pictures in her room. John said something not nice. i kicked him. repeatedly. hes cut up and red. i really need to work on that kicking thing.

tomorrow i have woman studies (woohoo) and math (blehhh) maybe we'll get the test back that i failed.

We talked about alex mac today in english, good show.

bleh. bored. tired. time for clerks
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